New Dimensionally Interchangeable Drop – In Pumps

We are pleased to announce the addition of new dimensionally interchangeable drop in bolted aluminum pumps to the Versa-Matic product offering.
Versa-Matic 2” and 3” aluminum bolted pumps are now available in dimensionally interchangeable configurations.  The pumps footprint and port dimensions were engineered to perfectly match both Versa-Matic clamped and competitor 2” and 3” clamp style units.

These product line additions will make upgrading your installed Versa-Matic, or competitor clamp style pumps to our new bolted drop in design simple, without the downtime and expense of undesired system changes.


Upgrading clamped style pumps in the field to the new drop in configurations also offers additional benefits beyond interchangeability including by not limited to:
·         Enhanced flow rates (Specifically E3 units)
·         Solids passage / handling
·         Premium stealing capabilities


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